The company D.E.K.TE SA established and active in steel construction since June 2008. Established by two engineers and a production foreman with experience in the field for more than ten (10 ) years . The main range of work concerns the integrated design and construction of single-storey and high-rise steel buildings , composite structures , storage silos and mechanical applications.


Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.

Inspection and Certification Body


Certificates Genuineness Verification Procedure
(Cert.Number: 030-02-100-00785)


The company houses its facilities in area 10,000.00 sq.m. located in the Industrial Area Drama and headquarters in the city center . All production machinery, private trucks , fork lifts , lifting platforms etc. are new and in excellent condition. With these facilities and equipment company D.E.K.TE SA can fabricate any metal building ( industrial, warehouse Logistics etc. ) and to perform other engineering works , construction cranes , factory maintenance , etc.